Why Is The Bail Bonds System Necessary?

Why are bail bonds necessary?

Bail Is Your Right!

When they wrote the Eighth Amendment, our Founding Fathers made it clear that they felt it necessary to outline bail’s role in our government. “Excessive bail shall not be required” is how they chose to describe the limits of responsible bail practice. The only question today is, “What counts as excessive?” It can be challenging to nail down a single figure as excessive, especially with such widely varying income levels in the U.S. The answer to this problem is not to place an upper limit on what can be considered excessive. Instead, the solution is to make it so that everyone can afford bail, no matter the amount. Here is where bail bond companies come into play.

Bail Bonds Are Integral To Our Justice System

It is nearly impossible to set bail for each defendant at a level within their means and immediately available. Bail amounts also have to correspond to the crime associated with them. For example, it would not be suitable for a court to set bail of the same offense at $1 for someone who could only afford to pay that low sum and $1,000,000 for someone of means. So how do you ensure that bail is never excessive for a defendant to pay but still representative of the alleged crime? Simple, you outsource bail payment to a third party that always has enough money to cover bail costs. It is no stretch to say that the promise of no excessive bail survives mainly through the efforts of bail bond companies.

What May Be The Consequences of The End Of Bail?

Bail bonds have become an integral part of the U.S. justice system. Without them or some other bail construct, we lose an enormous safety net that provides us with defendant accountability at an otherwise decreased cost. Moreover, without bail bonds, our communities are more likely to suffer from:

  • Higher Costs: Payment for court fees needs to come from somewhere, and without bail, that “somewhere” is the taxpayer’s pocket.
  • Repeat Offenses: By allowing some defendants to roam free, you are ensuring that they repeat their actions before their court date.
  • Missed Court Dates: Without bail to incentivize defendants, many will simply refuse to appear at a court date.
  • Increased Police Presence: With more and more people skipping out on court dates, law enforcement will need to search and detain defendants a second time for their trial.

Don’t Let Anyone Infringe On Your Rights!

Bail is a right given to you by the 8th Amendment of the Constitution. It ensures that you can free yourself from custody no matter whom you are, provided you are not a threat to the people around you. As a foundational aspect of our government, bail is worth protecting for the benefit of our and future generations. Without it, we lose an avenue of self-representation and open ourselves up to criminal empowerment.

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