How Do Bail Bonds Work?

how do bail bonds work

Everyone has heard of bail bonds in the era of television and the internet, but most people have no idea how they work. If you suddenly need a bail bond, learning the intricacies of the process may be daunting. ABC Bail Bonds, however, is here to help you understand the ins and outs of the process. This short guide will teach you all you need to know about bail and bond work.

What Are Bail Bonds?

When a judge sets someone’s bail, it is usually at a level too high for most people to pay. So instead of paying this total price, a person may purchase a bail bond, a surety bond.

The kind of bail bond available to defendants depends on the circumstances of the trial.

In criminal cases, a court uses a criminal bail bond to ensure that the defendant shows up to trial and is financially responsible for the court’s fees. In civil cases, courts use a civil bail bond to ensure that the defendant can pay expenses accrued during the trial.

Is Bail The Same As A Bond?

A common misconception is that these two are the same. However, the two are pretty different; one cannot exist without the other.

The term bail refers to an amount of money set by a judge. This amount is the total sum that a defendant must pay for release. The sum is usually high but representative of the accused’s crimes.

However, a bail bond is a surety bond a defendant or one of their family members may purchase to cover the bail amount. The bail bond only costs a small portion of a defendant’s bail. By law, this amount is usually set to somewhere around 10% but can be lower depending on particular situations. A bail bonds company will assure the rest of the money with the defendant or co-signers property(real estate, jewelry).

How Does The Process Work

Suppose a court sets a defendant’s bail at $100,000. The defendant could choose to pay that entire sum to secure release from custody, or they could purchase a bail bond for around $10,000 and then be released.

If a defendant arrives at their court date and pays in full, the court usually returns their bail. If they bought a bail bond, the company that sold them the bond keeps the premium used to purchase it and nothing else. However, a defendant who does not show up to court forfeits their bail if paid in full or possessions if they bought a bail bond. A bail bonds company must seize a defendant’s possessions because the company used them to back the rest of the cost of the bond.

Where Can People Find Bail Bonds?

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