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Referrals for Bail Bond Attorneys


ABC Bail Bonds has successfully created the 877-LAW-BAIL AttorneylinkSM referral program to help people looking for an attorney. We recognize the importance of our criminal defendants retaining private counsel. If a defendant has an attorney to help with the bail bond procedure, the likelihood of appearing at all scheduled court dates is greatly increased. Each day ABC receives hundreds of phone calls from defendants, their friends and family. Some make bail, some do not. However ALL are in need of a good criminal attorney.

Participating attorneys will get calls from prospective clients who have contacted ABC for bail bond services. Some of these defendants have bails too high to get out of jail now and are in need of legal counsel. Some defendants have already been released from custody and want a competent attorney. That’s where you come in.

Be a part of our attorney referral program. Email Jonathan Yellin at jyellin@abcbail.com

More Criminal Defense Attorneys trust ABC Bail Bonds to bail their clients from local, county or federal custody than any other bail company in the State of New Jersey or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Defense Retainer Priority

Because you are referring the client to us, it is the practice of ABC BAIL BONDS to encourage that defense counsel is retained first. (Unless you desire for the defendant to be bailed out first). Because we can take payment with credit cards and/or make interest free payment arrangements over a long period of time, often defense counsel or a bail bond attorney routinely gets paid first.

Convenience and Availability for a Bail Bond Attorney

Utilize our more than 40 licensed agents and 10 offices at your convenience. Whether your client is arrested at noon or midnight, our agents are always available for you 24/7/365. Your clients can come to our office to complete our paperwork or we can meet them at yours. We will even make a house call if you ask.

Professional Demeanor

We realize that your client’s criminal matter and arrest is a very sensitive time for your client and his family. We also know that some of our competitors in the bail industry have been known to have less than savory demeanor. We demand that our agents approach this time with the highest level of empathy. As a result, the process is made a little less painful for your client and their families.

Convenient Warrant Turn-in Service

If your client has an active warrant, we can pre-arrange a convenient surrender. We will take care of all documentation before an untimely arrest. We can take care of the problem anytime and anyplace you choose.

Nationwide Coverage

If your client is charged with a crime virtually anywhere in the United States, we can facilitate release seamlessly – an excellent benefit for a bail bonds attorney.

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