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Immigration Bonds – What Are They And Can They Help Me?

Simply put, an immigration bond is a federal bond that works very similarly to bail bonds. Immigration bonds allow a person who is currently detained by ICE (the bureau of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) to return home or to their current country of residence. Being detained by ICE can be stressful, and our professional immigration bonds company is here to help put your mind at ease and to get you back home to your friends and family.

2 Types Of Immigration Bonds

There are 2 types of immigration bonds. Each type has various advantages and disadvantages. The two types of immigration bonds are as follows:

  1. 1: Voluntary Departure Bonds – In voluntary departure bond cases, the detainee in question is released and required to leave the country at their own expense by a predetermined date. If the detainee leaves, the bond will be refunded in full. If they fail to meet the requirements of the bond, then the paid amount will be considered forfeit
  2. 2: Delivery Bonds – Delivery bonds are by far the more common type of immigration bond. They allow the detainee to return home provided they show up to each and every immigration hearing. From home, the detainee may consult with an immigration lawyer and visit family while they await their trial/hearing

What Is The Cost Of Immigration Bonds?

Immigration bonds vary in cost depending on the judge and the reason for being detained. Factors that affect the price of your immigration bond include, but are not limited to:

  • – Immigration status
  • – Legal history
  • – Criminal history
  • – Employment status and situation
  • – Family ties in the United States

Depending on the aforementioned qualifiers, the set amount of the bond varies. Usually, an immigration judge will set a bond amount that is vastly beyond the financial reach of most. Luckily, our bonds company will charge you 15% of the total bond amount to post the bond total for you (provided you supply adequate collateral).

I Need An Immigration Bond, What Do I Do?

Once your immigration judge sets the amount of your bail, all you have to do is contact us here at ABC Bail Bonds. We are America’s bail company and we are always standing by to help you with your immigration situation. We charge 15% of the total bond amount, never more. So if you need an immigration bond, then simply pick up the phone and dial 877-440-2245 to contact our team of professional bondsmen today!

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