Why Hire A Bail Bonds Company?

why hire a bail bonds company like abc bail bonds

If You Need To Bail Money, Only Trust A Bail Bonds Company

Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t have an extra couple of $100,000 just lying around, waiting to be used for bail. That’s why if we find ourselves in custody, we tend to panic as soon as bail is set. Some people may even make poor decisions and sell all their belongings to make bail. Worse still, some people borrow money they can’t payback! Thankfully, there’s an alternative that makes the bail process much easier: bail bonds.

Bail bonds are surety bonds that must be bought from a bail bonds company like ABC Bail Bonds before paying the total bail amount for you. This type of surety bond usually only costs around 10% of the total bail. That means that even if someone can’t pay the full bail amount, they can still purchase a bail bond and gain their freedom that way!

Why Bail Bonds?

The answer to this question is rather simple. If you or someone you love finds themselves in custody, they will most likely need money to pay for their bail. The easiest way to get this money is to buy a bail bond from a bail bond company. Once your bail bond application is approved, a bail bond company will pay the bail amount to release the person in custody.

To be approved for a bail bond, a bail bonds company will likely assess your personal property. That is because your property will be used to back the rest of the bail bond cost. If for any reason, the person in question fails to show up for their court date, the bail bonds company will seize this property to cover their loss of the bail money.

If everything goes well, then the only price paid for the bail bond will be the initial premium used to purchase it, plus any company-specific costs.

Alternatives To Bail Bonds

While you could forgo bail bonds, we find that most people are happy to use a bail bonds service. That is because the alternatives to bail bonds are much more complicated to use than any other method of acquiring bail money. These can include personal loans, second mortgages, pawn services, or estate sales. These methods are not only more difficult than bail bonds. They could land you in even further hot water. However, for a small premium, you can be free without having to worry about loans.

Why Pay Bail At All

You may be wondering why not save yourself the trouble and serve your time in custody until your hearing. While this is indeed an option, people who do not pay bail cannot adequately prepare themselves for trial. As a result, these people are often convicted. However, if you can make bail, obtain a lawyer and prepare for your defense, your chances increase drastically. A judge is far more trusting of someone who is well prepared for trial.

Bail Bonds Are The Easiest Way To Freedom

Bail bonds are simply the easiest way to pay for bail. All you need to do is pay for the bond and show up to court. Your bail bonds company will take care of the rest. Even paying for bail outright is more worrisome than a bail bond. Moving large sums of money is difficult, and retrieving it after a trial can be even more so. Only bail bonds companies can legally serve bail bonds. That means that when you go to a bail bonds company that is a PBUS member, the services you are getting are legitimate. Don’t get a loan if you need money to get you out of custody. Instead, call a trusted bail bonds company like ABC Bail Bonds, and you’ll be out before you know it.