What Is Skipping Bail?

Skipping bail is when someone posts bail but fails to appear at their assigned court date. Typically, people skip bail to avoid prosecution or sentencing proceedings. You could even argue that skipping bail defeats the entire purpose of the bail system. When a person jumps (skips) bail, they forfeit their bond and owe their bail’s total cost. Furthermore, when you skip bail, the court will place a warrant for your arrest, and if you use a Philadelphia bail bond agency like ABC Bail Bonds, that agency might even send a bounty hunter. Jumping bail is probably the worst thing you can do regarding the Philadelphia bail bond system. So, in short, don’t jump bail. Again, it all but entirely negates the purpose of the bail system.

What is the Purpose of the Bail System?

What is the purpose of bail, you ask? In short, bail allows defendants to prepare and wait for their trial from the comfort of their homes. Without the bail system, defendants would spend their pretrial period behind bars in a local jail. That, in it, flies directly in the face of the cornerstone of our criminal justice system — people are innocent until proven guilty. So, instead, bail aims to provide a solution for those held without being convicted of a crime.

Is Skipping Bail a Crime?

In short, yes, skipping bail is a crime. In fact, in several states, jumping bail is a full-blown felony! However, jumping bail is separate from “any offenses that were the original focus of the court hearing” (LegalMatch). Moreover, skipping or jumping bail will cost you much more time and money than if you showed up for your assigned court date.

What Happens When You Skip Bail?

If you decide to skip bail, then you can expect any number of the following things to happen to you:

  • The court will likely issue a warrant in your name. Once given, law enforcement officers in the area will be looking to arrest you.
  • Your driver’s license may get suspended, and the court won’t lift the suspension until you appear.
  • There will be additional charges that you’ll be expected to pay in full.
  • The court can raise your bail amount, even if you’ve already posted bail.

If released on your recognizance, the court may charge you a bail fee when you finally appear.

What Can ABC Bail Bonds Do If You Jump Bail?

If you worked with us here at ABC Bail Bonds, we covered the cost of your bail under the condition that you appear at all your assigned court dates. If you don’t show up, the court will notify us of your delinquency, and your bond will default. After that, we have several days to get you into court.

What if the person you bail out skips bail?

If you bail someone out and they subsequently jump or skip bail, you risk losing your collateral and bond payment. That’s right, even if you bail someone out, you’re responsible for their court appearance. After all, by bailing them out, you vouched for their trustworthiness. So don’t bail someone out if you’re afraid they’ll skip or jump bail. The risk is just not worth the reward.

Need Bail? Contact Us Here At ABC Bail Bonds!

Now, we understand that all this talk about the punishments and consequences for skipping bail can put you off the bail industry altogether. However, don’t let this stuff scare you away from Philadelphia bail bond agencies like us here at ABC Bail Bonds. Without the bail industry, most people wouldn’t be able to afford bail in the first place. So, contact us immediately if you need help with bail or wish to learn more about the consequences of skipping bail. We’re always standing by to help!

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