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Will’s Bail Bond Story:

Will's Bail Bond Story

I am a hardworking father. I was sharing a house with a few friends. Well, I didn’t know it but one of my roommates was allegedly involved in illegal drug activity. One day the house was raided by the authorities, everybody in the house was arrested. I have had a few run ins with the law. I know it is a common saying but really, “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Why did I choose ABC Bail Bonds?

Well honestly it was from word of mouth. When I arrived at the jail, many of the inmates told me, “Use ABC, Use ABC… ABC will get you out of here”. Also I had seen some of their advertisements. I gave the number to my family and asked them to call ABC Bail Bonds. Unfortunately, my family called a lesser known bail bond company. They paid the other bail bond company but I did not get out of jail. I sat for days. They could not give my family a good answer why I was not out of jail. I almost lost my job. In the meantime the team at ABC was calling my family and asking them to come to ABC.

Luckily, I was able to arrange for money to be taken to ABC. ABC was paid and contracts were signed in 15 minutes. They even faxed documents to one of my out of town cosigners. They immediately posted bail and I was released in a matter of hours.

The team at ABC persevered in getting me bonded out long after I had given up. They saw me and my family through the confusing process and made it happen when another bondsman misled me at my expense. ABC Bail Bonds has the highest integrity and was able to bail when other the other company failed.

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