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Valerie’s Bail Bond Story:

Valerie's Bail Bond Story

I am a working mother of 3. My oldest son had the unfortunate experience of being arrested. He was involved in a dispute that escalated and was eventually charged with assault and resisting arrest. I am really glad I chose ABC.

Why did I choose a bail bond from ABC?

I needed my son out NOW. I knew that ABC was a larger company and could respond immediately to my needs. From the first call to the finish of the case, the entire staff at ABC was always compassionate during one of the most traumatic and upsetting times of my life. They even worked out a payment plan for me. From the moment they met me, they took the time to be considerate, understanding and patient.

The local agent added a personal touch to what could have been a very difficult business transaction. I later found these same qualities in all the employees I had the privilege to deal with over the course of the case.

Hopefully, I will never find myself or my family in this situation again. However, if I do or I ever come across anyone in need of bail bond services, I would strongly recommend ABC Bail Bonds, AMERICA’S BAIL COMPANY®.

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