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Lakeisha’s Bail Bond Story:

Lakeisha's Bail Bond Story

My fiancé was locked up on a drug charge. He had been locked up before but I knew that he was innocent and I didn’t want him to sit in jail for the months or even years it could take for his case to be heard in court for him to be proven innocent. I have a three boys and one on the way and we count on his income to support our family. We decided to get him out right away with a bail bond from ABC Bail Bonds.


My friend used ABC before and I knew they would get the job done for me. The last experience was good for them so I had no reason to think that this time it would be any different for me. I just called their agent, he found out exactly where he was being held and he explained what was needed to get him out. He met us, we worked out an easy payment plan, did all the paperwork in 15 minutes and then bond was posted. They even referred me to a great attorney.

At ABC Bail Bonds, I was treated like a person and we got the fast bail that we needed. In the end… after a year and a half long case… my fiancé was found innocent my and ordeal was over. Thank you ABC.

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