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Barbara’s Bail Bond Story:

Barbara's Bail Bond Story

I am a hardworking mother. My son was doing a college internship out of state and ran into some legal trouble. Having never needing to bail anybody out of jail and being so far away you can imagine the anxiety I was feeling. I was lost. Luckily I was referred to ABC Bail Bonds.

Why did I choose ABC Bail Bonds?

ABC Bail Bonds is AMERICA’S BAIL COMPANY®. I was able to use their Bail by EmailSM service and pay by credit card. Their great service allowed me to complete all the paperwork via email and by the time I arrived from out of state my son was already released. It was comforting to have someone that could lead me through this very difficult time. Everyone at ABC Bail Bonds treated me with respect and in a professional manner.

While this event was an emotional crisis for our entire family, the ABC team was a bright spot of hope. I am not sure what I would have done without them.

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