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Are Bail Bonds Necessary?

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With recent changes to bail law across the nation, you might be asking yourself, “Are bail bonds necessary?” Well, the plain and short of it is, yes! Without access to bail bonds, most people simply don’t have access to an affordable way to get out of jail. That means that without bonds, everyone would be at the mercy of a judge. More importantly, the Bill Of Rights guarantees access to bail for all American citizens. Without bail, our justice system would be limiting the very rights of our citizens. Let’s take a closer look at why bail is such a critical component of our society.

The 8th Amendment Guarantees Bail

When our nation’s Founding Fathers were drafting the Bill Of Rights, bail was a right only afforded to the upper classes in English society. That meant that you could easily buy your way out of jail if you had money.

The inequality present in this situation was not lost on our forefathers. As such, they created the Eighth Amendment partially to ensure that everyone had access to the right of bail. However, while everyone has the right to bail, not everyone has the money to pay for bail. That’s where we come in.

Bail bonds ensure that as many people as possible have access to the money they need to pay for bail. Without these bonds, our system would be functionally the same as the English system of old.

Bail Is Expensive

If you’ve ever found yourself in jail, then you know that even minor offenses can cost you thousands of dollars in bail. With how expensive life is these days, most of us don’t have the money needed for bail lying around. While you’ll eventually receive the money used to secure bail, the issue is coming up with the money in the first place.

Thankfully, with bail bonds, you only need to come up with a small percentage of the total bail cost, and your bail company puts up the rest. This setup makes it so that affordable bail rates are within everyone’s reach!

Everyone Deserves A Chance At Freedom

A great portion of our legal system relies on the determination that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. As such, everyone should have the opportunity to be free before their trial.

However, without bail bonds, it will be much harder to secure your freedom. With the pattern we see across the country, whether or not someone can secure their freedom will rely heavily on a judge’s decision. That means that people will have less autonomy.

Bail Keeps Communities Safe

Client vetting is an integral part of the bail process. Before ABC Bail Bonds allows anyone to access our funds, we ensure they won’t use their freedom to commit further crimes. In a system without these bonds, this vetting process doesn’t exist. That means more violent and repeat offenders on the streets!

Trust Us To Help You With Bail

Bail bonds are a complex facet of our society that we can’t just do away with. Getting rid of bail bonds will inevitably lead to more problems than solutions. Don’t let anyone limit your rights! Always makes sure that you can exercise your 8th Amendment right to bail and let ABC Bail Bonds help you with all your bail bonding needs.

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